One of the best introductory substances to use when starting to use nootropics or to prevent cognitive decline are Cholinergics, which we will discuss. The other two supplements of interest that is gaining popularity but is mild are: Vinpocetine, Ginkgo Biloba, Lions Mane mushroom and finally Bacopa Monnieri (of which I am on but it took me a Google search to remember the name, let’s talk efficacy).

Let’s Get Started with Supplements

In terms of cholinergics, there is AlphaGPC, Choline Bitartrate, CDP Choline (Citicoline), etc, you can see some of the benefits of these here. In laymens terms look at these supplements as the grease that communication pipelines between your neurons. It is needed for efficient communication and can also be obtained a healthy fat rich diet (usually), I recommend going for eggs to get your daily choline fix, if you don’t want to supplement it.

vinpocetine-nootropicThen comes the perennial herbs, and these range from mushrooms to ones that are used very casually has been for the last two thousand and above years in Ayurvedic medicine or traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Let’s start off with Vinpocetine¬† . If you do decide to take any of these supplements, keep in mind that tracking your progress, whether that means side effects, benefits or just tracking symptoms is vital, otherwise you will not know if you are improving or not. It’s been called a Viagra for the brain as it helps with cerebrovascular dysfunctions. It is known to help users acquire new memories and restore memories that have been disrupted and it helps protect against excitotoxic excesses. Lions Mane Mushroom is something that I have read should be cycled (taken on and off) and it is traditionally taken by the Chinese. Ginkgo is a popular Western herbal supplement for your brain, it is like Vinpocetine which was extracted from the periwinkle plant in Europe and thus a Western discovery as well.

The most promising plant or herb here seems to be Bacopa Monnieri with 50% bacosides (the quality needs to be there, 2:1) this plant helps increase your Brain Derived Nerve Growth Factor or BDNGF. This plant takes ‘forever’ to kick in but it does show promise, however I am on it now and I am not sure how effective it is and how effective it will remain. E.g. Sometimes sure I may feel like it is working as recall is smooth and sometimes I don’t think it helps at all.¬† The average time to consume it before the effects start to appear is 1.5 months in my opinion and by then it is considered built up, my bottle actually claims I should cycle off of it after 3 months. Again the act of biohacking is a ongoing process, it revolves tweaking and active lifestyle design to reach your best version of yourself.


Continuing Your Personal Health Journey

As a side note, there is a bulletprof conference taking place (just read a review on one of my favorite sites) TrackMyStack says it is this October in Pasadena, California, so I will be there and I advise all biohackers to get out of their comfort zone and attend and meet other like minded individuals there as well.