Keto for Brain Health

We are starting to hear more and more about the benefits of staying Ketosis, and it is for a good reason. It is the process in which your body burns ketones as a source of energy rather than glucose which is obtained primarily through carbohydrates. Ketones are obtained from fatty acids that blow into the blood and are metabolized by cells and this process is referred to as beta-oxidation.

What Happens in Beta Oxidation?

A new molecule is produced called acetyl-coA and it starts to increase in cells in your body. The liver then triggers the process of ketogenesis which prohibits this excess acetl-coA. The liver dumps ketone bodies in the blood and it starts to be taken up the skeletal and heart muscles when they can and the brain takes whatever access amount is left and that has crossed the blood brain barrier.

What Exactly are ketone Bodies?
The alternative energy source is beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) plus acetoacetate; these two compounds are called “ketone bodies”. When the body is consuming much less carbohydate and insulin levels in the blood is low, your body may start consuming keytone bodies for up to 50% of it’s energy requirements and for the brain the number is much higher. This generally occurs naturally when your body is in short supply of carbohydrates, in-fact your body prefers to burn this ‘fat’ rather than glucose for energy as it can be seen as a cleaner ‘fuel’.

Are there any ways to get into Ketosis Quicker?
Sure, you can firstly buy purified coconut oil which is high in MCT (High in Octanic Acid Preferably) which provides your body with ketones. Additionally you may also buy BHB powder which is a salt directly which will provide your body with the ingredient that your body turns into ketones. Some popular brands are Ketoforce, KetoCaNa and KetoOS.

How Do You know You are in Ketosis?
Your blood BHB levels go above 1mM. You can aditionally buy test strips that measure the level of ketones in your blood. Additionally the longer you are in ketosis the strips will start informing you that the level of ketones in your blood is lowering, however this just means that your body is getting better at absorbing ketones to power it!

Watch this additional video to learn more about Ketogensis and if a Keto Diet is right for you:

Best Introductory Nootropic Supplements

One of the best introductory substances to use when starting to use nootropics or to prevent cognitive decline are Cholinergics, which we will discuss. The other two supplements of interest that is gaining popularity but is mild are: Vinpocetine, Ginkgo Biloba, Lions Mane mushroom and finally Bacopa Monnieri (of which I am on but it took me a Google search to remember the name, let’s talk efficacy).

Let’s Get Started with Supplements

In terms of cholinergics, there is AlphaGPC, Choline Bitartrate, CDP Choline (Citicoline), etc, you can see some of the benefits of these here. In laymens terms look at these supplements as the grease that communication pipelines between your neurons. It is needed for efficient communication and can also be obtained a healthy fat rich diet (usually), I recommend going for eggs to get your daily choline fix, if you don’t want to supplement it.

vinpocetine-nootropicThen comes the perennial herbs, and these range from mushrooms to ones that are used very casually has been for the last two thousand and above years in Ayurvedic medicine or traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Let’s start off with Vinpocetine¬† . If you do decide to take any of these supplements, keep in mind that tracking your progress, whether that means side effects, benefits or just tracking symptoms is vital, otherwise you will not know if you are improving or not. It’s been called a Viagra for the brain as it helps with cerebrovascular dysfunctions. It is known to help users acquire new memories and restore memories that have been disrupted and it helps protect against excitotoxic excesses. Lions Mane Mushroom is something that I have read should be cycled (taken on and off) and it is traditionally taken by the Chinese. Ginkgo is a popular Western herbal supplement for your brain, it is like Vinpocetine which was extracted from the periwinkle plant in Europe and thus a Western discovery as well.

The most promising plant or herb here seems to be Bacopa Monnieri with 50% bacosides (the quality needs to be there, 2:1) this plant helps increase your Brain Derived Nerve Growth Factor or BDNGF. This plant takes ‘forever’ to kick in but it does show promise, however I am on it now and I am not sure how effective it is and how effective it will remain. E.g. Sometimes sure I may feel like it is working as recall is smooth and sometimes I don’t think it helps at all.¬† The average time to consume it before the effects start to appear is 1.5 months in my opinion and by then it is considered built up, my bottle actually claims I should cycle off of it after 3 months. Again the act of biohacking is a ongoing process, it revolves tweaking and active lifestyle design to reach your best version of yourself.


Continuing Your Personal Health Journey

As a side note, there is a bulletprof conference taking place (just read a review on one of my favorite sites) TrackMyStack says it is this October in Pasadena, California, so I will be there and I advise all biohackers to get out of their comfort zone and attend and meet other like minded individuals there as well.

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

What is Bulletproof Upgraded Brain Octane Oil?

bulletproofexec-brain-octane-c8-bottleBulletproof brain octane oil has many benefits, it has become quite popular after the advent of the original MCT oil which was XCT oil which is essentially MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides). We will discuss the pros, and cons of using MCT oil in detail later on, for a start, we will just review what it is used for, what the premise is, what bulletproof coffee is and why you should use it.

A 16oz bottle of Brain Octane will set you back about $23.50 at the time of writing. If you happen to subscribe you can get it for 5% less. It is recommended by Dave Asprey that those who suffer form brain fog use this oil in their daily morning coffee with butter to kick-start their day as part of the bulletproof diet. The reason this works ie because your body will work off of ketosis (it will burn fat) and not burn glucose. Your body has a harder time using glucose as a fuel as opposed to fat derived from MCT oil. I can give a bad analogy here: what is easier to burn in real life, gasoline or lumber?

The Overview & Benefits on Brain Function

  • It supports energy metabolism at the cell level
  • It is 18X more refined or concentrated than regular MCT or XCT oil which means it is the most ketogenic MCT in coconut oil– c8
  • It is not stored in the body as fat but rather used as a source of energy very quickly
  • The bottle itself is a work of art as it can’t be stored in a regular plastic bottle as it would react, Bulletproof brand is known to take the extra precaution to make sure everything you consume is of the highest standard and thus the process by which it is bottled is very important. So it should be good to know that it is cleaned, extracted and bottled without the use of any chemicals.
  • It helps balance yeast in the gut— there are studies that claim that the gut-biome is positively impacted from caprylic fatty acids
  • It is not absorbed like Cholesterol in the body– it is a different type of fat and thus it is metabolized differently.
  • It is flavorless and odorless so it can be mixed with foods, shakes, soups.nutrition-facts-for-coconutoil
  • It can be stored in room temperature making is easy to travel with!

With that simple rundown, It is easy to see why people in the “cognitive fields” or just suffering from attention/focus or energy problems use Brain Octane with ghee or grass fed butter in their coffee in the morning. It helps user achieve peak bran performance for up to 4 hours (just until lunch) at which point after eating you can consume it again. We recommend taking up to 1.5 spoons. Beware however, taking too much too fast leads to long times on the toilet, you need to slowly work up your tolerance.

Where To Buy this Brain Oil?

how-to-make-bp-coffee-with-gheeRemember if you are looking to actually experience the full effects of this diet and coffee, you can not cut corners, especially not on the most important ingredient, which is the brain octane oil, many people have thought substituting it with MCT or regular coconut oil works just as well, it doesn’t! The regular is good for maintaining a proper waist size, and it helps you loose weight — more on that later! this is for cognitive enhancement, it is almost has nootropic capabilities and I would recommend you try this before you try other synthetic supplements.

Also just in case you are unsure, the reason you put butter in the coffee is to keep your body ‘full’ so you don’t consume calories in the AM, less calories in = less weight. The fat is burned off fast after a long night of fasting and a little butter keeps you feeling full, this is why you should buy the best quality butter that will have other benefits as well, remember ghee works just as well. Again to buy this Oil to help with cognitive enhancement, a bit more mental energy and some claim even for things like Dementia, the links are included below:

Additionally, you may also want to take a look into buying Bulletproof Coffee (Canada Link) and (US Link). Two facts claimed by Bulletproof for Brain Octane Coconut Oil:

Brain Octane Oil also has potent microbial balancing effects that help to support healthy digestion and immune function.

Brain Octane Oil rapidly metabolizes into ketones, providing instant energy to the brain without breaking down glucose from dietary sugars or carbohydrates. Brain Octane Oil also has potent anti-microbial effects that help to support healthy digestion and immune function.


Please share your experiences by emailing us. Once you have bought your oil, you can learn how to make bulletproof coffee with coconut oil here. As a side note, the guy who invented this use to take modafinil which is basically the nzt drug that see in the movie Limitless and he gave that up just because he invented this coffee and he says he get’s all the energy he needs from this, now that’s quite an endorsement, obviously a bit biased though.